Why Choose 365 Nursing and Care Services?

With our five core services

Services Provided


Community Access

Build your skills and independence through social and community participation. We can facilitate: Transport and companionship to social groups, attending community events, joining social clubs, attending personal development courses, visiting your local library, interacting with friends, colleagues and professionals, using public transport and attending recreational activities.


Domestic Assistance

Relax as we offer a hand with everyday household tasks and cleaning around the house, laundry, shopping and banking, minor home and yard maintenance, assistance with specialized household equipment’s, group/ individual training in domestic tasks.

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Diet and Health

We plan and prepare home cooked meals tailored to your dietary needs. We also assist with assist with grocery shopping and meal delivery.


Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

We provide personal hygiene care including bathing, showering, dressing, grooming, toileting and oral hygiene, bladder and bowel management, mobility and transfer, use of aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices, eating and drinking.

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In Home Nursing

Our range of health care services aim at helping you stay healthy. Our qualified and compassionate nurse’s work closely with families and other members of the health care team to ensure the best support possible is provided to you in the comfort of your own home. Services provided include creating individualised support care plans, medication management, wound care, complex bowel care, urinary catheter management, tracheostomy management, enteral (PEG, Nasogastric tube) feeding and management, stoma care, diabetes management, post-acute care and palliative care

Service adopting

We are working on dopting  some home care services  to ensure you can still receive appropriate support to meet your goals within the current environment. All of the below services are offered within the Government’s guidelines for physical distancing and safe interactions.

Right now we have a reduced ability to visit or receive visits from friends and family. This can be hard on our mental wellbeing and it can cause feelings of loneliness or isolation. Luckily, Home Carers are able to visit you and spend quality time with you in a safe manner. We can take part in your favourite hobby, go for a walk, or enjoy tea and biscuits together.
If you are seeing less of other people, we recommend having a Home Care worker pop by to check on your welfare from time to time. You may also wish to order a personal safety alarm or additional mobility equipment.

Health care and therapeutic services (e.g. pastoral care, psychology, counselling, dietetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry) continue to operate across Adelaide and we can continue to support you to access these services. Many providers now offer appointments over the phone or video if you prefer to avoid face to face meetings or when attending in person is not an option.

If you are a carer of a loved one, you may be experiencing the challenges of juggling caring for yourself, your family and a loved one during the pandemic. This can be tiring and stretch your capacity to look after yourself or get day-to-day tasks done. If this is the case, you can speak to us about having a carer spend time with your loved one whilst you take a break, even if you stay at home during that time.